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GXDALives Rules + Template [DevPro]

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GXDALives Rules + Template [DevPro]

Post by Guest on Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:12 am

[GX]DALive #??:

Hosted By: [???] on DevPro

Signing Up:
Reply with your in-game name on Devpro
First 8 People to Sign up properly will be added to List of Participants; 16 if more than 8 are already signed up


  • Latest TCG Advanced Banlist

  • TCG Allowed Only

  • No Alternative Win Condition Decks allowed
    (If confused on what decks belong to this category, Please, Contact a Mod, Admin or Host)

  • First 6 people to sign up and verify deck with host will be added to List of Participants

  • No Watcher’s Password

  • Inactivity that is 10 minutes or more after [GX]DALive Start will be disqualified; No Exceptions

  • Screenshots of Proof of Winning a Round in a Live will be needed Unless Host is Watching. If Host isn’t present. Then thats a DQ.

  • Deck Changing after a match won is always allowed.

  • D/C or Disconnections will be counted as a Game Loss (G1, G2, or G3). Exceptions are during Rock, Paper, Scissors or Siding

  • Screenshot during Siding Must Be Taken and sent to Host via PM or Devpro/YgoPro after Match Won


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