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blackstar0037 test results

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blackstar0037 test results

Post by AsianPichu on Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:19 am

Tester's Deck:
Testee's Deck:

Win:Loss 0:2 = 0/25

Main Deck Construction = 5/15
Bricked both games. No deck list, can't judge.

Side Deck Construction = 0/5
Did not side against me. We ended up doing 2 game 1s instead of a match. He did not bring up the idea to side deck with a seperate deck. (In which case, he could have potentially gotten away with a VERY large side deck.)

Extra Deck Construction = 3/5
No deck list, can't judge.

Use of Cards = 10/20
I'm not sure why you floodgate trap holed my Magileine on normal summons. They could have been much better on xyz summons or synchro summons. The normal summons don't mean much.

Siding = 0/5
Did not side.

Mistakes = 3/5
read use of cards.

Knowledge of own deck = 5/10
Maybe it was just the brick, but you have too many traps for a deck you are trying to run. In decks like that, the only traps you need are probably Solemn Warning and Vanity's Emptiness. Everything else should be turbo. Your plays will outpace your opponent's plays. Your sideboard can help against enemy traps.

Knowledge of opponents deck = 0/10
Floodgate Trap Holed the wrong cards.

Match Results: 26/100

Entrance Exam Boundaries:
Slifer Red = 0-69
Ra Yellow = 70-89
Obelisk Blue = 90-100

Congratulations You Made It To: Slifer Red

It is very hard to get into the top dorm in your very first test, In fact it's the norm to make Slifer, but if you are in the top % of duelists you may make Ra straight away and if you make it into Ra the chances are you are going to become an Obelisk very soon if you keep on working! So don't feel two disheartened.

When you Retest you will be given slightly easier boundaries to make it into the next dorm, but be careful it is possible to go down a dorm if you underperform!

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Re: blackstar0037 test results

Post by Guest on Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:22 am

Testee Placed in Slifer Dorm.
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