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Destrojet test results

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Destrojet test results

Post by Ellrich on Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:45 pm

Tester's Deck:Shiranui Zombies
Testee's Deck:Red Dragon Archfiend and Blue Eyes

Win:Loss 0:2 =0/25
He used a RDA deck on game one and a Blue Eyes on game two.

Main Deck Construction =6/15
No decklist sent,however the RDA one looked pretty standard,the Blue Eyes one was a 50 card deck with a couple of strange choices.

Side Deck Construction =0/5
Again no decklist sent,but I think he had no side,because he insisted on changing deck.

Extra Deck Construction =2/5
Once again no decklist,I've only seen a RDA Scarlight,he didn't appear to rely on other monsters.

Use of Cards =8/20
See mistakes.

Siding =0/5
Refused to continue with the same deck,so no siding.

Mistakes =0/5
Huge misplay on game 1,he used Scarlight's effect to destory my Uni-Zombie while destroying three of his mosters including a tuner,thus losing the chance to go for RDA Abyss,also he used Maxx C on a Uni-Zombie effect,tried to Book of Moon a Utopia the Lightning during the battle phase and he use a Bottomless trap Hole on a Stardust Dragon.

Knowledge of own deck =4/10
Missed the chance to summon a RDA Abyss,probaly the best of the RDAs,to deal 500 damage

Knowledge of opponents deck =2/10
Didn't know cards like Uni Zombie and Utopia the Lightning,also he tought that zombies is a Xyz focused deck.

Match Results:22/100

Entrance Exam Boundaries:
Slifer Red = 0-64
Ra Yellow = 65-89
Obelisk Blue = 90-100

Congratulations You Made It To:Slifer Red


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Re: Destrojet test results

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:52 pm

Testee has been placed in Slifer Red.
Any more Questions? Please move it to PM's with your tester.
Thank you.
Topic Locked.


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