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The Revivalful Of An Old Duelist

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The Revivalful Of An Old Duelist

Post by Xanthos on Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:04 am

Hello Follow Meabers,guests and family of GXDA.

My name is Gandora,Ive been playing yu-gi-oh for about 12-13 years somewhere in there. I have been in many clans over the years and have enjoyed the short and wonderful life of the website dueling network. I just play the game for pure enjoyment but that might and will change when and if Dueling book happens anyways. I have been playing this game for a long time as of such i really do not have a top deck or best deck i have the ones i like to play and the ones i use for meta duels.

How I got into the game+ some old school history.
I entered the game because I saw most the kids at my school playing a new game I never seen before so I watched a few games and got hooked on the game. I started to make and build my own collection then i processed and plan out my own deck. My frist real deck I finished was a 2003-2004 relinquished control deck It used sangan, and witch to dig for anything i needed then had powerful spells like MST,GOATS,Reborn,Preminter ect along with good filps for the day like man eater bug and Faith. I started playing aginst people in my school and would end up top 3 in the whole school due to the fact i never drew a bad hand.
Dueling network
When i joined Dn, I was shocked to learn so may people played the game I loved and still to this day do. I started hosting tourments on dueling network during plant format and gave out free decks and a shout out on Yt fore wining one, I aslo have Got myself caught into clans, I help make and watch the fall of guardains, I joined Oblivion at that point and they have closed shop as well,Now iam in Kokugastu and iam trying to find a good acadmney to be in and my goal is only to make new friends and enjoy the game i have loved for so long, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ME JUST ASK and i will glady tell you anything.

-Gandora Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
-12/3/2016 join date
decks being used
- Glad beats
- Majespectors
- Igknights


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Re: The Revivalful Of An Old Duelist

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:44 am

Again, Welcome to GXDA @Gandora!
I loved reading about your YGO Journey/Expierence! It was very motivating in showing how one person's ideals can love a game so much as YGO.
I'm glad that you joined GXDA and I can't wait to see you rank up in the dorms all the way to Obby Blue. Cause I know you got that motivation and skill to do so, as well as heart!
Good luck and collect DP out the wazoo mate!


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Re: The Revivalful Of An Old Duelist

Post by Zane Truesdale on Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:40 am

The Majority of us are from CSA Gandora. Dont worry you wont need to feel like you have to get to know us. Welcome back to the crew.
Zane Truesdale

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Re: The Revivalful Of An Old Duelist

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