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Harambe Test Results

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Harambe Test Results

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:49 pm

Tester's Deck: DarkLords
Testee's Deck: BlackWings

Win:Loss 0:2 = 2:1 = 7/20

Main Deck Construction = 10/15
Majesty Fiend is usually a good side card, not meant for Main Deck.
Jar Helped sort of.
Insta Fusion needs to be at either 2 or 3 to help consistency.
3 Whirlwinds.
Book of Moon needs to be in Side.
3 Icarus for consistency.
Last 4 cards in deck don't need to be there.
2-3 for consistency.

Side Deck Construction = 0/10
None of those cards should be a side for BWs.
Add in some other cards that will help stop other decks: Mask of Restrict. System Down. Imperial Iron Wall. Maxx C. Flying C. Etc...

Extra Deck Construction = 3/5
You could add a Sychro 8 in there to help.

Creativity = 3/10
BW is a standard deck but you added in some good cards for tech.

Use of Cards = 5/20
Didn't show much with BW but had some good plays against DarkLords.

Mistakes = 10/10
None from where I seen.

Knowledge of opponents deck = 9/10
They knew much of what I was doing with the Solemns to negate my hand effs of DLs.

Tester must give reasoning behind behind their chosen grade for each topic, Full Marks means perfect, not pretty decent.

Match Results: 47/100

Welcome to Slifer Red!

Entrance Exam Boundaries:
Slifer Red = 0-64
Ra Yellow = 65-89
Obelisk Blue = 90-100


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Re: Harambe Test Results

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:49 pm

Testee has been placed in Slifer Red.
Any Questions? Please move to a PM or Chatbox.
Thank you!
Topic Locked.


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