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Ra Yellow Prefect: Our Mission

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Ra Yellow Prefect: Our Mission

Post by Daemon Cross on Tue Dec 13, 2016 5:00 pm

Hi everyone,

First of all, for anyone fellow Ra Yellow duelists that I have not met yet I would like to say hi. I know time zones can be a pain so this is just in case I haven't gotten to anyone yet. And now, it's time for me to give you what I believe it means to be a part of the Ra Yellow Dorm.

As members of the Ra Yellow Dorm we all have potential somewhere in our decks, whether it be in the cards that make our main deck or in the plays that form with those cards. We make up the middle section of the Academy's three divisions, and we have a lot of competition to become the best duelists that we can possibly be. The point of being here is that we have the chance to become an excellent duelist, but all that we need to do is make a few tweaks to our deck to make it all possible.

That being said, because we are in the Ra Yellow Dorm we should do our best to help each other succeed. If there's one thing I would like for you to know it would be this, "If at first you don't succeed try again." I wish everyone has the best of luck in their duels, and I look forward to the future ahead of us. If anyone wishes to duel me for just fun or challenge me I'm glad to have the opportunity. My DevPro account is Dark_Duelist, so if there is any way that I can be of assistance I would be glad to do so.

From the Ra Yellow Dorm Prefect,
Daemon Cross
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