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Obelisk Blue's New Prefect.

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Obelisk Blue's New Prefect.

Post by Kri3g, The Psycho on Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:00 pm

As the Title States; I'm the new leading prefect after proceeding Zane on his glorious road to Graduating and Becoming apart of the Legendary 4; Pro-Circuit

@Zane Truesdale wrote:
As prefect I've decided to respect this new position of absolutely nothing worth of relevancy.

That being said, all Obelisk blue are to participate regularly in tournaments, 1 vs 1's.

All Obelisk blue are to respect one another, respect others in other dorms and will work together as a team.

Finally, all Obelisk are to follow the advice of the prefect and help lower dorms improve and progress to higher dorms.

I follow by the exact same example of the one portrayed above by @Zane Truesdale. So if you wish to try to take my place as Obelisk Prefect; and live by Zane's and my own example and be a leader and a motivator to your Ra & Slifer Students; then have no fear and try to take my place! Goodluck and Have Fun Fellow Obelisk Duelist

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