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Glorified X Conflicts[Rp] Schedule

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Glorified X Conflicts[Rp] Schedule

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:28 pm

I will be opening the gates of The "Glorified X Conflicts" Roleplay after Christmas but i have a few things you might want to consider before your applications are reviewed.
1. History: The first batch of approved characters have a chance to affect the world in a large way. In the sense that if say your character loves a certain location in the city from a Dulling Stadium, or maybe even opposite the duel academy theirs a pub. Note if things are 2 like no doesn't fit. [Like the united states of america existing in this world], I simply not implement it. A full list of what is Implemented from the first batch of histories will be announced on the opening day. Their Will Be Prizes.

2. This is more of a disclamor for later: If someone is attacking you with a sword, gun or your staring down a real dragon and their isn;t a reason for your yugioh cards to come to life. And you stand their activate your duel disk and say "Lets duel" I will kill you..

3. While the rolepaly itself will not officially start till after Christmas tomorrow i will be creating a Npc event for all to enter; to help set the stage for when your true characters enter. This is not just a reason to give you guys and gals prizes but to also help start the world building with everyone in mind.

That be all folks


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