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Duelist Ranking System

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Duelist Ranking System

Post by B@T on Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:51 pm

Hello this is B@TMAN,

This is the implemented duelist ranking system. This system is to ranking the duelists in the academy regardless of dorm to see who is truly the best of the best.

How the Ranking System scoring?
This is the scoring system and your title if your in a certain scoring range. this is for current people in top 10 system.

Ranking Score        Title
2600 and above          King of games
2400–2599:                Lelouch's bitch
2200–2399                 Stress's headache
2000–2199:                Expert
1800–1999:                Above average
1600–1799:               Average
1400–1599:               Below average
1200–1399:               Piss yellow

Anyone is able to join and those who are not in top 10, i have implemented a scoring system for new people to ranking system.

Initial scoring for undetermined players Score
Obelisk                                        1900+(highest score on test)
Ra                                                1700+(highest score on test)
Slifer                                                1500+(highest score on test)

In order to join the system, you MUST POST an application in 1 v 1 topic section.
This is the following template:
Highest score on test:
Link to Test score:
If you do not have a test score or were auto-slifered, you just get default score without dorm score.

What happens if you win or lose?
If you win, your score goes up. If you lose, your score goes down.

How will these duels be conducted?
You will post the following:
Ranked: Name 1 defeats  Name 2

In that topic you will put:
Match Score: 0-0
Deck match-up: deck 1 defeats deck 2
Screenshots, replays, or confirmation here:

Failure to do so will result in an invalid match.
You must post results of the duels otherwise they will not count. this is needed to judge tier status of decks.

Rankings will be done with a formula i have. Tier is a factor into the calculation of your ranking.

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Re: Duelist Ranking System

Post by B@T on Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:13 am


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