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Duel Evil & Win DP

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Duel Evil & Win DP

Post by DarkMagicianGirl on Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:37 pm

                                          HP: 5,000

                     GX Duel Academy

                           Evil Magician

                          Welcome to the

                          DP Dueling Event

                         Rules Are Simple:

U enter your name below and then find me and message me the words "LETS DP DUEL!"
If I'm not already in the middle of beaten the crap out of another TDOANE scum in a diamond duel, then i will send u a duel challenge (don't send me challenges)

           U get 3 duels per day, one after another (not match)

           U are not allowed to switch decks  on the same day

         My HP is now 5,000, each duel u win deals me 500 damage

                Each duel u win u get 20 DP, but if u lose waste 5DP
Tis 5 DP i get ^^

                           3 Cards that are not allowed:
                                 1.Anti-Spell Fragrance
                         2.Secret Village of the Spellcasters
                                     3.Naturia Beast

                       NO Burn based decks & No mill Base decks

                          NOW FOR MY OP SPECIAL ABILITIES!!!!

                      NO one else uses Banlist cards expect me
                                       (only TCG or OCG)

                  Ah?! Wait a moment...
               whats... whats going on he.........
                  NO... NOT THIS AGAIN!

Guys Its me Dark Magician Girl, Plz save me! I can't hold off Evil Magician For long so listen quick

I deactivated all Evil Magician  Special Abilities and given them to u instead, but He can still use banlist and u can't Sad

                                   Here are your Special Abilities:
   (can only be used from turn 3 & u can not use the same ability 2 turns in a row)

                                                Shadow Bind
Activate only on your Main Phase 2: Evil Magician  Must end his next turn as soon as it starts.
                                   (can use 3 times per duel)

                                                Spell Bind
Activate only on your Main Phase 2: Wvil Magician can not activate spell cards from hand on the his next turn.
                                        (Can use once per duel)

                                                 Force Bind
Activate only on Hyper Baby's  Main Phase 1 or Battle Phase: Hyper Baby can't attack.
                                        (Can use 3 times per duel)

ok that's all, but one small side effect.

For each Special Ability u use u loss 5 DP from your total winnings, but u will still deal him 500 damage for each win

                                     Don't forget to like this topic

Also Evil Magician decks all have the same weakness, just look at the 3 cards he doesn't want u to...


                           Dam U Dark Magician Girl I wanted
                                   those special abilities!!!!

                            Either way I won't lose to insects
                                    I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!

                 And Dark Magician Girl will stay my Mind Prisoner Forever!!!

                Anyone found breaking the rules listed above will be Banished
                                              from this event

If by some small change any of u worms were to deal damage to my HP I will always post my new remaining HP here and the person who dealt the damage

                                   LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!

Last edited by DarkMagicianGirl on Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:22 pm; edited 1 time in total

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Re: Duel Evil & Win DP

Post by Zane Truesdale. on Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:44 pm

Hmph, well that happened. Good luck.

Slifer and Ra mini Exclusive event.
Zane Truesdale.

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Re: Duel Evil & Win DP

Post by Yugo on Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:51 pm

damn you zane D:

not like i could duel for shit tho xD

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Re: Duel Evil & Win DP

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