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Worlds Collide, Official Press conference.

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Worlds Collide, Official Press conference.

Post by Zane Truesdale. on Sat Jan 07, 2017 3:17 am

I'd like to firstly say a massive thank you to the duelists of GXDA, they've been amazing during the set up, they've really helped a lot in making this event a special thing. And boy...we've got a stacked card for you members! We are going to move on with the main event being Lelouch Lamperouge faced against DeadKiller8, and man do these guys NOT like each other.

That main event is closely anticipated by the co-main event! Jaden Yuki verses Erebus! By far 2 of the strongest duelists in GXDA! What a phenomenal time it is to be with us at GXDA!

Next up is the Catch-duel bout! Featuring the return of GARY OAK! and he is facing against JESSE ANDERSON! Not a duel to be missed ladies and gentlemen!

Closely contended by Boo verses Lightdark135! Another off the rails match up between 2 bright duelists in our beloved duel academy! Definitely not to be missed everyone!

And the under card of the event! Ladies and gentlemen I wanted this event to spread over more then just Devpro! So our undercard bout is between Obelisk blue Yugo! verses the returning veteran JC!!  
Oh..and It will be on Ygopro for all you Ygopro duelists out there!!


Reporter : Jaden, "Worlds Collide". Sunday. One of the biggest events GXDA has had in terms of competitive play, you are one of the academies strongest and brightest prize however your opponent is no joke either. He has been dubbed "The boogy man" for a reason, tell me how do you think the duel will go? and what would defeating Erebus do for the legend status that is Jaden Yuki?

Jaden Yuki : All it would do is add to the people I've already beaten to be honest  it wouldn't elevate me much and I think the duel will be a even skillful contest.

Reporter #2 : Erebus had stated that you trust in yourself more then you should, that you should be prepared for the hardest challenge of your life otherwise you will be dealt with swiftly. What is your response to that Jaden?

Jaden Yuki : Then I  had simply just lost to the better duelist.What I would do is adjust my deckbuilding,improve my concentration and improve my overall skill as a duelist.

Reporter #3 : Interesting, do you feel that since you have not seen how he plays that he will be your toughest opponent in GXDA yet? also how close do you feel to the title belt of GXDA so far? where do you think this win over a very respected duelist would get you?

Jaden Yuki : First and foremost I would like to say I respect my opponent Erebus, this he wont be able to prevent me from beating him, I feel like a serious threat to anyone in GXDA right now, my decks, my dueling. I feel very confident in my ability to shut anyone out of their decks. I feel that after this win I will be maybe 1-2 wins away from that title belt, its the jewel of GXDA after all. And of course a win over Erebus would be very huge indeed, I like to think we're exactly the same. He thinks he's going to win. I think I am...Obviously we disagree with each other..

THANK YOU JADEN! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN JADEN YUKI!! Let's bring the next star, his opponent! EREBUS!

Reporter #2 : Alright, Erebus. You're a well decorated member in GXDA, you have also proven to be a dominant force in GXDA itself with your dominant event tops in mini tourneys. What does facing Jaden in mean to you

Erebus : Well,I believe Jaden is a really respected member in gxda community.I will be honored to duel against him, But, him being a good duelist doesnt mean that I wont do my best to beat him.

Reporter #1 : Of course, Jaden had said that he plans to swiftly finish you in the event, what would your response be to that?

Erebus : I think that he trusts himself much more than he really is, I would suggest him be prepared for the best possible he could see ever.  

Reporter #4 : You say "He trusts himself much more then he really should" Does this mean you plan on ending the Jaden hype? If so what prep work have you got in mind to do so?

Erebus : Well, I believe that the community is respecting him way more than he really is, I dont say that he is a bad duelist...But not in that level. As my friends know, I do never underestimate my opponent, My plans are secret for now

Reporter #2 : Very well, if you had the chance to say 1 thing to Jaden as we approach the event, what would that be?

Erebus : Jaden, you can give up before everyone spectates how you are losing against me! Dont be scared homie.

Reporter #2 : Wonderful and finally, what would beating jaden do for you? Would you go to the pro-circuit in hopes of dethroning the current champion or remain the same?

Erebus : It would be a very very good win for my carrier as an Obelisk, Jaden is one of the toughest duelists they could offer, I doubt he will go down easy but he will be going down. Massive respect to him for even holding a duel disk up against these monsters in the academy rankings. Pro-circuit would be lovely it really would. Dethroning Zane is an interesting thought but for now I will take care of Jaden.  


Reporter : Jesse, you've been with GXDA for a while. It is well safe to say you are a veteran in our academy, Tell us what does a victory over one of GXDA's hardest puzzles in Gary oak mean to you?

Jesse Anderson : if by puzzle you mean a straight forward path to victory, then victory is assured so the victory means nothing, especially since Gary is a bad duelist.  

Reporter #2 : I see, you say he is a bad duelist but he is probably one of the most unique duelists in GXDA, does this rivalry spell bad blood? or do you simply plan to end the Gary hype come this Sunday?

Jesse Anderson : By the time I'm through with him, All of the Gary hype train will be on the Jesse hype train, especially Blair.

Reporter #4 : If you was to defeat Gary, what would you do next? Would you call out a top 5 GXDA guy in hopes of getting into the pro-circuit for the title belt, or maintain the hype of Jesse?  

Jesse Anderson : I would still be the same old Jesse. Winning means nothing to me. But I would probably move on to challenging the higher-ups.

Reporter #5 : Now as one of the most liked members in GXDA, you have a rare chance to dethrone a king in GXDA. If their was one thing you could tell your opponent as we head into the event what would it be?

Jesse Anderson : To not worry, His life points will drop to 0 quicker than he can say "The creator god of Light, Horakhty".

I think that's enough questions for Jesse, he has to get prepared, we dont want to exhaust our duelists.. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN JESSE ANDERSON!!!!!!


Reporter #6 : Alright, Gary. The man, the myth, the legend himself. How does it feel to be facing a very seasoned opponent in Jesse Anderson for the Worlds collide event? and what would the victory mean for you?

Gary Oak : Feels good man, won't be a good experience for him though. I will destroy him in every possible way there is. It will just be one more victory for the king, Gary.

Reporter : As we can see, you ooze confidence in your abilities, does this confidence come from your unique style of dueling or just because you don't think Jesse can handle you?

Gary Oak : Both. I'm confident on my dueling skills and believe Jesse is nowhere as good as me. He's just an amateur trying to compete on the big leagues. I WILL show him what a real duel is like, No toying or playing around. Just pure destruction coming from my side.

Reporter #3 : I see, Let's say you get passed Jesse, what is next for the legendary king Gary?

Gary Oak : I will continue spreading my power among other Academy members who think they're a big shot but in reality are just amateurs. I will become big and conquer. Destroy the strong, rule among the weak.

Reporter #4 : If you was to stop Jesse and progress forward, would you potentially demand the chance to join pro-circuit and possibly claim the belt from the current champion? Also potential bouts with Lelouch/Killer, Jaden/Erebus. Thoughts?

Gary Oak : Of course. Lelouch, Killer, Jaden, Erebus, and even Zane Truesdale will have to look over their backs. I'm going in dry in this bitch.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN GARY OAK!!! Listen, everyone thanks for coming out to see our venue it has been an honor. Our duelists thank you, Sunday night! will be historic! Let's go to the person who will be in the main event on Sunday DEADKILLER! THANK YOU ALL!
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