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Worlds Collide, DeadKiller8's Interview.

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Worlds Collide, DeadKiller8's Interview.

Post by Zane Truesdale. on Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:03 am

DEAD! KILLER!!!!!! He'll take questions now everyone. *Ahem*

Reporter#1 : Alright so, Killer. The new guy himself, how's it been running through people in each dorm and finally having the opportunity to duel one of GXDA's best?

DeadKiller8 : I knew this day would come...I've always been the loud one in groups and I personally know how good I am, and I've have multiple tops in different events in my career so this is not fazing me at all.

Reporter#2 : Interesting, do you feel that since you have not seen how he plays that he will be your toughest opponent in GXDA yet? also how close do you feel to the title belt of GXDA so far? where do you think this win over a very respected duelist would get you?

DeadKiller8 : I've said it before that I'm not going to force anyone into liking me...if you're on board with me...great...if not that's fine too I'm here to prove that I wanna be and am going be the top dog in this academy...now as far as it comes Lelouch..he's done nothing but disrespect me ever since I came to GXDA and talk low to me every chance I get, this is my shot to finally show him what I got and get 1 step closer to becoming champion.  

Reporter#5 : I see, let's say Lelouch defeats you and you do not get into the pro-circuit, what then?

DeadKiller8 : Well there's other opportunities to get there but for me this is not just about a pro circuit spot...this is a chance to show him that I'm not some pushover he can just talk down to and when he gets beat its going hit him like a ton of bricks

Reporter#6 : I believe at the start of this rivalry he was calling you out for being fake and a complete piece of shit who brags/picks on people. What is your response to that? And also what have you got in mind to prepare for such a dangerous opponent?

DeadKiller8 : well first off...what he calls bragging I call self confidence in my own skills and my own mindset on the game, if he does not like it he should have just kept his mouth shut, now I've heard how dangerous and good he might be and I can adjust my game plan to however I choose sure I Can be a quick pead player but make no mistake I can grind him and anyone else out if I have too, so he should expect something different come Sunday night.

Reporter#2 : Thank you, and finally what would this mean to you if you was to defeat Lelouch and join the circuit then defeat the champion and finally prove the doubter wrong? Also what would you do to celebrate such a victory?

DeadKiller8 : Well, the main goal for me in anything I do is to be number one guy at any cost by any means necessary, I need to do this to prove to myself I deserve that championship and how id celebrate winning that title? Id be a fighting champion putting it on the line every match is I had too, people should not have to be a certain rank to try for that championship so the first thing Id probably do is advocate an academy wide free for all to see who gets a shot at my title once I have it. You people look and treat me like the devil..I only want to protect you all and when I am the champion I will do exactly that, Lelouch will fall, They all will. I will be the true peoples champion!  

Reporter#2 : Killer! Killer! I know I said finally but if you could tell Lelouch anything as we head into Worlds Collide what would it be?

DeadKiller8 : He's a bitch, After I beat him I'm going to fuck his bitch.
Zane Truesdale.

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