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sky_wolf_kw's Test Results

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sky_wolf_kw's Test Results

Post by jackachu100 on Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:13 pm

Tester's Deck: Brilliant Kaiju Madolche
Testee's Deck: Normal Pendulums

Win:Loss 0:2 =   0/20

Main Deck Construction = 5/15
You could probably pick your normal pendulums a bit better, for example I don't like Sky Dragoons of Draconia or Dragon Horn Hunter and I don't think flat running 3 of everyone of them is a good idea.
I'd run Pendulum Call if you're running some magician pendulums.
3 Polymerization is too many.
Thunderclap Skywolf isn't a good enough card to run in a random deck where it has no place like this.
You don't need One Day of Peace.
You're a Pendulum deck, running Soul Charge and Call of the Haunted isn't good as most of the time your monsters will go to the extra deck instead of the graveyard.
Foolish doesn't help you with anything.
I'd probably run 2 of a type of Mirror Force instead of 1 original and 1 Drowning.
There are better traps than Torrential Tribute and Compulsory Evacuation Device (and Grand Horn of Heaven) now like Solemn Strike.
There are a few cards that you should 100% be running like Rescue Rabbit and Painful Descision.

Side Deck Construction = 2/10
The majority of your side is just random cards that don't have any point being there.
Twin Twister and Mystical Space Typhoon are fine.
Solemn Strike is alright, but I'd just run that in the main deck if you're going to run it and putting it at 1 in the side deck won't do anything.
I guess Foucault's Cannon and another Grand Horn of Heaven are alright too.

I'd recommend either asking someone for help on making a side deck or looking up some videos on it.

Extra Deck Construction = 2/5
First of the Dragons is a really good card that can win you games on its own, but you don't want 3 of it.
Same thing with Dinoster Power, the Mighty Dracoslayer.
There are probably a bit better Xyzs you could've picked for your rank 5/6 options.
For your rank 4s I'd probably run 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer and then run Abyss Dweller and then Number 39: Utopia and Number S39: Utopia the Lightning instead of 2 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer and 2 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark

Creativity = 8/10
Konami released a number of TCG exclusive normal pendulums giving this deck some nice support, this deck isn't unheard of but I haven't seen anyone using it in a long time.

Use of Cards = 7/20
You hardly really had a chance to make plays as both games I went first and combod off a bit and then on your turn you had limited plays (game 1 you summoned First of the Dragons and that was about it, but I easily dealt with it) and then it was just a matter of how long until I beat you. You didn't make terrible plays though its just they had no substance and weren't threatening my board position enough at all.

Mistakes = 8/10
I had Naturia Beast on the field and you activated a Pendulum which I negated and you then used Call of the Haunted to summon it back so you could crash into the Naturia Beast, but then you played another Pendulum and gave me a free negate for no reason.

Knowledge of opponents deck = 5/10
Even if you've never heard of Madolche you knew I was a combo deck from game 1 (where I summoned Rafflesia on my first turn), but you chose to go 2nd in game 2 (even if that normally would be what you wanted to go for with your deck) which was a mistake letting me summon a Naturia Beast and consequently you couldn't do anything on your first turn.

Tester must give reasoning behind behind their chosen grade for each topic,
Full Marks means perfect, not pretty decent.

Match Results: 38/100

Entrance Exam Boundaries:
Slifer Red = 0-64
Ra Yellow = 65-89
Obelisk Blue = 90-100
Pro-Circuit = Must be Obelisk Blue with 100PP
Congratulations You Made It To: Slifer Red

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Re: sky_wolf_kw's Test Results

Post by B@T on Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:00 am

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