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The problem with going second. (RANT)

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The problem with going second. (RANT)

Post by Court on Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:02 pm

(Before beginning I'd just like to say that if this is in the wrong place I'd like admins to move it, I just don't know where else I'd put this kind of post.)

There is a large problem in yugioh that goes fairly unnoticed compared to other popular card games such as Hearthstone: the inherent disadvantage of going second.

People commonly complain about floodgates or 1 card board wipes, asking for
almost all of them to be hit by the banlist. If you go in depth with the mechanics of yugioh, however, these cards keep the game from becoming a coin flip, where he who beats the other in an RNG based game of Rock Paper Scissors automatically wins.

If you don't understand the nigh-privalege of winning a coin toss and going first, allow me to explain; going first gives you 5 cards. With these 5 cards you are (9 times out of 10, including handtraps) able to build a full board of monsters to fend off the opponent during their turn. This includes quick play spell cards, trap cards and monsters with negate effects or removal effects.

Now, the player going second has 6 cards. This gives the second player a mere 1 extra card to not only build his own board for the first player's turn, but he must also now break the board of traps and monster effects, and even occational hand traps or spells. You are asked by the game to use that single card to break the board, and then use the 5 remaining cards to build a board of your own, unless you wish to put yourself at a disadvantage compared to the opponent's board.

So, when these people who whine and complain about the power of kaijus being able to break a board, or even asking why raigeki was unbanned because it just wipes a field, think about the major disadvantage the turn 2 player has from the very start of the game, just due to losing a simple coin flip.

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Re: The problem with going second. (RANT)

Post by StressGx on Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:49 pm

You can't attack going first.
You get an extra card and the ability to attack going 2nd.

The ability to use Hand Traps such as Maxx "C", Cherries, snow rabbit, ally of justice, effect veiler. Means you can stop them if you need to

Kaiju's get over everything. and Slumber is OP

Dark Hole
Twin Twisters
can all win you the game turn 2 if you get it off.

Going first isn't inherently that much better than going second depending how you build your deck. if two decks that are designed to go first face, obviously the one who goes first gets an advantage. the same applies if both decks want to go second.

Eidolon is a classic example of this. if you go first they will have nothing in the grave for you to abuse.

The only problem is the game is too fast. if you could afford to run spells like mind control, which is actually quite good this meta just not fast enough it would break this curse. I miss the days where dropping 1 Dracossack with bottomless trap hole set was considered OP

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Re: The problem with going second. (RANT)

Post by Court on Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:56 pm

Hand traps are commonly side deck cards, and I did factor those in. Hand traps are almost NOTHING compared to the likes of a setup board with things like solemn strike, crystal wing, treatoad and the like. Also, my argument was that those cards should be protected as they are some of the few cards that can shit on a field by themselves, without requiring to go into xyzs and put yourself at a disadvantage because you're using more than one card.

And while yes, some cards love to go second, if you go through the tier list, I'd pose that 80% of those decks would MUCH rather go first than second, and 1/3 of those decks MUST go second to not be severely behind (see: paleozoics, heroes, barrier statue, majespecters, and a few more.) The fact that a majority of meta decks prefer to give up that disadvantage of an extra card even with the likes of kaijus, raigekis, the ability to attack and an extra card just proves how powerful an uncontested board setup is. I'm not saying decks won't want to go second, I'm saying that there is still an inherent advantage to having a mostly free setup vs the minor advantages of going second.

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Re: The problem with going second. (RANT)

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