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Luster Beast Luke's Test Results

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Luster Beast Luke's Test Results

Post by Ciphermask on Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:05 pm

Tester's Deck: Shaddolls (pure)
Testee's Deck: D/D/D (fusion-based)

Win:Loss 2:0 = 20/20

Main Deck Construction = 12/20
As far as DDD decks go, it's a little unorthodox. This doesn't mean it's bad by any measure, just that some of the choices are a little odd for today's meta. For the most part, it's a fusion-based build that lacks many of the combos that D/D/Ds are known for. It gives up high combo and secure board potential for more of the squishier fusions that lack protection.
In fact, the testee runs none of the synchros at all. It's an overall more glass cannon-like build that can churn out fusions pretty quickly, but with little protection for them. This deck did have the interesting addition of Shaddoll Fusion along with a couple Shaddoll Dragons, 1 Shaddoll Beast, and 2 Shaddoll Winda in the Extra deck. It may be more effective to opt in for some more D/D/D supporting cards instead, but the deck seemed to run fine with the Shaddolls. The testee also ran a maindeck Emergency Provisions, which seems like a bit of a waste of a slot when one considers that he also ran Contract Laundering, d'Arc, Leonidas, and Galilei. For all of the d'Arcs and ways to work around the standby phase burn from his Dark Contracts, it starts to look like the deck has too many redundancies. Try to add another Allure of Darkness or two to up your draw power.

Side Deck Construction = 5/15
Lacks a lot of meta answers and seems to run a bit too much S/T destruction, even though the main deck already has 2 Twin Twister. The Side deck contains 3 MST and 1 Galaxy Cyclone. 3 sided Effect Veilers seems like one too many, especially for the current meta. If the deck ran a few synchros, then I could see justifying an extra Veiler. Their side also contains a third Shaddoll Fusion and an El Shaddoll Fusion, which are definitely maindeck cards, but I can't justify running the extra Shaddoll Fusion or El Shaddoll Fusion at all when the entire Shaddoll engine in the main/extra deck consists of only 1 Beast, 2 Dragon, and 2 Winda. Runs two more Emergency Provisions in the side when having 1 in the maindeck is already more than enough. The two decent side deck cards I can see would be the 2 Light-Imprisoning Mirror and the 2 Anti-Spell Fragrance. My advice would be to ditch the MSTs and Galaxy Cyclone and instead side a third Twin Twiser since you have cards that you want to have hit the grave, like Necro Slime.

Extra Deck Construction = 3/5
As I said, really lacks the punch from the Synchros that he could be using. Even one or two would definitely help further his combos and make for a more stable board. Especially having at least one Siegfried and one Alexander. For a fusion-based build, his ratios seem fine, though more than one King Caesar Ragnarok seems a little pointless. For the most part, the testee didn't even summon one very often. Winda is an interesting choice that may slow him down a little in the future, but is good if he can establish a good board before playing it. The problem with that is that with just the fusions, any board he makes could end up being broken very easily and he could be left with a Winda that limits his comeback.

Use of Cards = 16/20
Performed well during the duel and seemed to maintain a good pace. There were a few times where he was put in a tough spot, but he played well enough to pull himself out of it. d'Arc was his go-to for just about the whole game, which led to some weaker boards that were mostly upheld by d'Arc's higher attack power. Some of his plays looked a little like he was overextending himself. Any time I hit his board at all, he took a second to bounce back because very few of his cards had any protection. If he'd been playing against a deck with more destructive power or more punishment, things likely would've turned out much different.

Mistakes = 8/10
The only mistake that I recall was that the testee fusion summoned D/D/D Genghis after he had already done the rest of his fusions for the turn.

Knowledge of opponent's deck = 10/10
Demonstrated good knowledge of how to deal with my various fusions (Winda and Shekhinaga for the most part). Likely had a better knowledge of it due to the fact that he also ran a few Shaddolls in his own deck. Didn't ever seem too tripped up by any of my plays except for the occasional Traptrix Traphole Nightmare or Coral Dragon, which set him back a little.

Match Results: 74/100

Entrance Exam Boundaries:
Slifer Red = 0-64
Ra Yellow = 65-89
Obelisk Blue = 90-100
Pro-Circuit = Must be Obelisk Blue with 100PP
Congratulations You Made It To: Ra Yellow.

With a few tweaks, even if you don't opt for the meta build, this fusion-based version of D/D/D could pack quite a punch. I'm confident that you could rank up with a little bit more effort. Just be glad you're not red.

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