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GXDA#202 Post Duel Press Conference.

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GXDA#202 Post Duel Press Conference.

Post by Zane Truesdale. on Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:56 am

Post duel Press Conference :
Q : Certainly a fantastic performance from you tonight now that you've had a little time to let it soak in, just give us some thoughts on how it played out tonight?
A : Played out exactly how I thought it would, Court was a great champion and despite all of his criticism he never complained so you really gotta respect the guy for it and it was a pleasure to go out there and test my medal, he was considered to be a puzzle and I feel that I figured him out.  
Q : Kinda walk us through the game 2 and 3, it definitely seemed that you misplayed your cards in game one which allowed him to win the first duel of the match, what was going through your head once you lost game one and if you can please explain game 2 and 3 because once game 3 started you took complete control of the duel.  
A : Uh, I disagree with that statement in terms of you saying I missplayed, before our duel began I had to watch this guy prance around as champion I dont think it's a secret when I say I highly dislike Court. I find him to be an arrogant bully who tries too hard to seem innovative. Our game 1 field was literally me dominating him and controlling him he only had 1 monster and that was the kaiju I gave him, I had bujin Kage along with Zoodiac whiptail among other cards to use. I could have very easily made drident and popped the Kaiju I gifted him but why should I have to do that? He spoke a lot of shit before this duel and I wanted to embarrass him, I wanted him to experience the bitter taste of coming close but ultimately losing so I allowed him to claim the first duel. Game 2 was once again a one sided beat down I otked him on my first turn and he couldn't handle it. As for game 3 I knew he would be in a severe clutch mentality as he won game 1 and really needs this win to remain as champ. During mid way of the duel I asked him "Court, are you having fun yet?" and he never responded so at that point I knew I was going to become the new GXDA world champion.  

Q : I see, well I apologize now then. You've done it. You've become the champion of GXDA, you achieved what you wanted to do so I must ask the golden question that a lot of people want to know and that is what next? do you rematch Court or is there somebody else in your mind for a chance of you defending your title belt? also what does it mean knowing you had Daniel8503 in your corner throughout?

A : I think for right now I just want to enjoy the moment you know, I defeated the undefeated dominant champion and I made it look easy no excuses though my hat goes off to Court and everything he's done for the pro-league but what I am saying is I would like to spend the next couple of days just relaxing, enjoying yugioh before jumping into title defenses as for who I want to defend my belt against I'll take on anyone who earns it. If that means rematching Court who arguably does deserve a rematch or fighting somebody completely new I don't mind that either. I plan to be the most active champion in GXDA's history and that I will achieve, this belt is staying with me for a VERY long time. Daniel means a lot to me and he means more to me than he probably understands, I've spoken to him, I have had the chance to understand how he feels. People in GXDA think he's some snot nosed idiot but the guy only wants to be accepted and acknowledged so thanks to him he gave me the patience to continue and pressure until I got my title shot. So I thank you Daniel *Lifts whiskey glass as a toast*  

Q : Well said, you know during all the trash talk that was spoken in chat it did seem as if it was all planned out and how did his trash talk effect you?

A : I wouldn't say it was planned out at all I just know he gets effected  by duelists easily when a few insults get thrown around, I knew if I said a few things to push his buttons he would ignore everything and want to defend his title against me. I felt that worked in my favor as he didn't really have a way to prepare for me, nobody in the pro league has a way to prepare for a guy like me and I enjoyed the trash talk, I loved it I grew up around trash talk in many ways I thrive in that situation I grow better under those situations. I knew the more insults I threw the more he'd throw back, I'd be pulling him into deep waters when we duel and forcing him to keep up with my grindy pace which he couldn't in the end.

Q : Brilliant response, Cody. What started the animosity between both you and the former champion Court?

A : Oh nothing at all, I don't hate the guy other than my dislike for him as a duelist and a person, that being said I'd share weed with him any day of the week. When you think about it, it all comes down to him having something I want and deserve so I did what anyone else in my position would do, I took the opportunity and became a world champion.

Q : Cody thank you very much for an outstanding event, for staying loyal to GXDA, for putting everything on the line to achieve greatness. Good luck with your title defenses and I wish you the best in your future duels.

A : Thank you too, right on and just for the record win or lose I was going to come ot here and be as humble as possible too. So Court make sure you get nice and healthy for when we rematch I mean it. Thank you everyone who has been supporting me to achieve this, it means a lot. Thank you. *Get's up and leaves with his title*

Q : Alright Coming off an extremely close duel loss to the new crowned champion Cody, tell us what was your game plan walking into this duel, how did his trash talk effect the duel and overall what do we see in the near future for the former world champion himself?

A : Uh, I'm used to trash talk, didn't really affect me much. I just fucked up I guess. I'll come back and win so it doesn't bother me much I guess..

Q : Very well spoken as ever, are you in any way shocked with how fast he earned the title? Defeating Asianpichu and Erebus to ultimately face you and how do you feel his title reign will go as champion?

A : I'm not shocked at all. I went from slifer to champion in less than a week. Again, I'll rematch clause him, and I'll win.

Q : Very good and finally, any direct words to the new champion? also now that you have been defeated will your next duel be for the title shot or will you take on a contender to solidify your space as the next in line for the title shot?

A :  Nah, title shot. Why would I take on a defender? I don't need to. I know I can win, so I'll win.

Q : Thanks for everything Court, you had an extremely long title reign and proved to be a dominant champion day in and day out, I wish you luck and thank you personally.

A : you too, thanks.
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