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GXDA#208 Truesdale vs Garbrandt(Worlds collide)

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GXDA#208 Truesdale vs Garbrandt(Worlds collide)

Post by Prof. Stein on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:51 am

Reacts to the huge dueling news this evening, Zane truesdale will take on Cody "NoLove" Garbrandt and look to become the new world champion of GXDA. As these two huge forces in GXDA are set to collide against each other only one this is certain, a brutal all out blood bath. Zane "Hades Kaiser" Truesdale expressed his disdain for cody as champion, having defeated the former world champion Court with back to back dominant explosive victories he feels that he is the true and only rightful king of the competitive realm in GXDA. "This guy beat court, not me. He beat a champion who never won it in a duel i awarded court the title after I retired to maintain GXDA's natural flow. He thinks he can get a lucky win over a bad champion and suddenly that makes him legitimate? I don't think so." 

"He's just a talker man, he thinks just because he retired undefeated and left a legacy he deserves a chance at the title? this guy is acting like I stole something from him that's the hilarious part. He talked his way into this match and I wanted this duel from the beginning. The destruction of ZaneBitchDale would definitely something everyone would acknowledge, I beat a dominant champion and crushed him I outclassed him and broke him completely. As for Zane he's a clown, a generic asshole. I will break his jaw end of." - Cody "NoLove" Garbrandt's response apon hearing Zane's opinion.   

The motion has been set. Cody "NoLove" Garbrandt looks to make his first title defense as GXDA champion against the retired undefeated GXDA champion Zane Truesdale. Cody, a relatively new member within GXDA quickly reached super stardom with his notable wins over pro-league contenders AsianPichu,Erebus and Court. Meanwhile Zane the former GXDA champion himself looks to become the first ever second time GXDA world champion, Zane who is coming off the destruction of former champion Court in 2 dominating duels proves his medal and earns the title shot opportunity against the GXDA young champion himself. Both duelists have agreed on the loser losing his DP to the winner of 5000 DP along with a punishment of 400 word essay on why the winner is the best. Both duelists have agreed that the loser much edit his name and keep it as such to whatever the winner wants. 

ZaneTruesdale vs Cody"NoLove"Garbrandt :
What an extraordinary rivalry between the greats in the academy, both duelists are undefeated as pro-league duelists in event duels meaning either way one of them suffers the first loss of their respective pro carrier while the other creates history. ZaneTruesdale: I beat the guy who taught him everything he knows, and I did it badly. What do you think I'm going to do to him? I am a different animal from the rest of these duelists, they don't adjust in games the way I do. They do not maintain a versatile retort throughout the duel as I do. I am the best in GXDA and I will prove it by defeated "NoDad" Garbrandt. He can run now but mark my words his day will come."    

Cody"NoLove"Garbrandt: Nothing he says effects me, I get to humble a guy who deserves it, I get to stand up to him for the sake of everyone he has picked on. I get to defend those who feel they cannot stand up against him. I get to do all these things and bury Zane forever. He can talk all the shit he wants but at the end of the day I am the undisputed world champ for a reason, I defeated the dominant champion Court. I broke court and crushed him completely, he won't ever be the same after what I did to him. I have the advantage, he will need to alter alot of things to keep up with me, I can out grind him, I can take less time thinking of counter plays. I can do all these things and he won't know what hit him when he enters into this place after suffering his loss to me. Zane truesdale WILL NOT be champion again, his time is over and it's my time. I'm going to devour him, simple as. Make sure to watch it because what I do to him will satisfy everyone who dislikes him. #ANDSTILL

The exact date for GXDA#208Truesdale vs Garbrandt will be negotiated and brought back/updated. Stay tuned, to vote for your favorite duelist you can comment their name and how you think they will win. all correct bets will be awarded double points.
Prof. Stein

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Re: GXDA#208 Truesdale vs Garbrandt(Worlds collide)

Post by Zane Truesdale. on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:53 am

Zane Truesdale.

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Re: GXDA#208 Truesdale vs Garbrandt(Worlds collide)

Post by Cody "No Love" Garbrandt on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:53 am

WOO BABY! hope you ready zaney!
Cody "No Love" Garbrandt

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Re: GXDA#208 Truesdale vs Garbrandt(Worlds collide)

Post by Sponsored content

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