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Benehime-san:3 's results

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Benehime-san:3 's results

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:53 pm

Tester's Deck: Jellypals
Testee's Deck: Raidraptors (Ultifalcon/infinity turbo)

Win:Loss: 5/25 (2:1 in favor of tester)

Deck Construction = 15/25
Ability = 15/25
Personality = 10/10
Rulings = 8/10
Deck Originality = 4/5

Match Results: 57/100

Slifer Red = 0-59
Ra Yellow = 60-89
Obelisk Blue = 90-100

Congratulations You Made It To: Slifer Red

Tester's explanation as to how to improve:
1) Read cards, it's pretty important. I'm sorry if that sounds terrible, but like, yeah, it's important. This was on game 1, where you used Pain Lanius to summon a Utopia monster. Pain Lanius only summons winged beasts. I let you get away with it to see how far you would take it. (this is -2 on rulings.)

2) Ability - On game 1, you could have used Infinity MP2 to take my Speedroid Menko. This would have given you game 1 if you negated the correct card on my turn. Game 2, you could have killed me faster if you played it right. I don't remember how, but it was possible. I have seen it before. Game 3, you actually "needed" to push through maxx "c". The game was too developed for me where I was going to win no matter what. This wasn't easy to realize, but it was there. This part is very debatable though. This is mostly debatable because of how Madolche works and how Performapal Pendulums work.

3) Deck construction - I am not an expert on this deck, but I have experience from my locals and regionals of others building this deck, and doing the same thing you did, but better. They ran 2 last strix, 0-1, and 0-1 shave Force. The issue with this strategy is Infinity is too easy to get over. This would be a good strategy in BOSH format, but not for SHVI. Rank 4 spam may be a bit better. Skip force at 3 is fine. Side board is fine. Raid Raptors can grind the opponent. A better plan would be to use Revolution Falcon to nuke everything and attack for game. Ulti Falcon is okay turn 1. Solemns are too rampant for the Last Strix build.

I hope all of my advice is helpful, and you are more successful in the future.


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