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YugiTheLegends' Test Results.

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YugiTheLegends' Test Results.

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 03, 2016 5:32 pm

Tester's Deck: Herald of Perfection (OCG)
Testee's Deck: Cubics (OCG)

Win:Loss 0:2 = 0/25 (0-2, Tester's favor)
Deck Construction = 5/25
Ability = 5/25
Personality = 0/10
Rulings = 10/10
Deck Originality = 0/5

Match Results: 25/100

Slifer Red = 0-59
Ra Yellow = 60-89
Obelisk Blue = 90-100

Congratulations You Made It To: Slifer, as you predicted.


First of all, him saying for me not to post comments shows he has no interest in improving. I more or less Summon a Herald with 2 negates in hand, and he surrenders just by looking at Herald. He determines he has lost before anything has actually happened. (0/10 personality)

Also, in your ability scoring, you dropped a random trap on my Standby, which could have waited for me to try to destroy it, or wait until I activated The Ritual Spell for Herald. Same thing with your maxx c. You just dropped it really randomly, when I have 0 inherent summons outside of my extra deck, which you can very clearly see when I am about to xyz summon. (When I have 2 available 4s, which doesn't come up much.) (5/25 Ability)

Second, no deck list has been given, so I give these results. (5/25 deck construction. 0/5 deck originality.)

Third, personally it is not the tester's fault on the duration or outcome of the duel. As I tester I am here to find your potential on how you outcome certain situations. Which is why I use this deck.

Fourth, your very specific complaint, "Herald." You claimed, "Herald should not be in this game." In this scenario, this is Yugioh. Yugioh has a lot of stuff to offer. There is also a lot of counterplay to just about anything. You simply sit there and complain, instead of ask yourself what you could do better as to why you lost. You think Herald negates everything, there are cards to bait out Herald, and is at least 1 Counter Trap that 100% stops herald. So sideboard better, this is the best I can tell you.


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