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GXDA#203 DeadKiller vs Garbrandt.

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GXDA#203 DeadKiller vs Garbrandt.  Empty GXDA#203 DeadKiller vs Garbrandt.

Post by Zane Truesdale. Tue May 30, 2017 12:26 am

Just as we all thought GXDA would be buried and forgotten an unlikely rivalry relighted the fires of this academy, reactions to the news of Deadkiller talking shit about the champion Cody Garbrandt have surfaced leaving Cody very unpleasant with the words used by Dead. Cody agreeing to meet Deadkiller at GXDA to speak escalated to him allowing Deadkiller a chance at his world title despite Deadkiller never winning a contenders duel. One thing was certain between these 2, bragging rights for the winner. But who wins? Is it the multi talented Deadkiller or the aggressive style of Cody.

Cody "No Love" Garbrandt : He called me a paper champion, where I'm from if you dislike somebody you stand up like a man and settle it the way men should. Him talking shit against me is hilarious because I whooped the guy who whooped him, he's not on my level and he wont ever be. I'll retain and he'll look stupid end of. I'm the champ and I'm staying champ for a very long time. That's a fact.

DeadKiler : He's a tough duelist, but he's a paper champ he has not even defended his title yet so what not be better than have him fight the best of the best me. Cody I hope you're reading this, because im coming for you. I'm going to hurt you and take your belt. I mean that and new.
And so with both the Champion and the hot mouthed challenger we introduce to you, GXDA#203 Deadkiller vs Garbrandt, stay tuned.
Zane Truesdale.
Zane Truesdale.

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