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xRebel_Kamen's Test Results

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xRebel_Kamen's Test Results

Post by Yuto on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:03 am

Tester's Deck:Raidraptors
Testee's Deck:Galaxy/Machines

Win:Loss 2:1 = 15/20

Main Deck Construction = 14/15
Overall I believe the deck to be very well build however it might be beneficial to remove one of the Flying Cs and replacing it with Twin Twisters which can be helpful in destroying cards on the fields.

Side Deck Construction = 5/10
It probably wouldn't be extremely helpful if you run 2 Kaijus in side as you already have on in your deck and siding 2 more seems a bit excessive. Instead of side decking Twin Twisters I recommend main decking it because it is a good way to destroy your opponent's backrow. For example you could have had Twin Twisters to destroy my Rank Ups before I used them. I would only side one Royal Decree instead of 3 as I don't see a scenario where you would need 3 and it could clog the deck and it's a waste of a side deck space to me to have 3 I would bring it down to one.

Extra Deck Construction = 5/5
The testee's extra deck was very well built and the testee made use of all cards in the extra deck showing that none of them were simply just "there".

Creativity = 10/10
The testee's deck mixed a couple cards including Galaxies and Cyber Dragons and it is not a current meta deck. The tech of the deck worked consistently and had some originality to it.

Use of Cards = 18/20
For the most part the testee had used their cards efficiently and effectively. He was able to break combos I had set up however game 2 was not able to get out of the situation and field I had set up.

Mistakes = 10/10
No visible mistakes made.

Knowledge of opponents deck = 10/10
For the most part seemed to have a general knowledge of the Raidraptor deck I had used and had also had cards to break my field according.

Tester must give reasoning behind behind their chosen grade for each topic, Full Marks means perfect, not pretty decent.

Match Results: 87/100

Entrance Exam Boundaries:
Slifer Red = 0-64
Ra Yellow = 65-89
Obelisk Blue = 90-100

Congratulations You Made It To: Ra Yellow!

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Re: xRebel_Kamen's Test Results

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:24 am

Testee has been placed in Ra Yellow.
Awaiting @Fonda Fontaine to Confirm if Yuto's Mock Test is fine. Imo, @Yuto Did very well.


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