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Yugo Retest Results

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Yugo Retest Results

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:12 am

Tester's Deck: Qli
Testee's Deck: New Magician Pends

2:0 = 20/20

Main Deck Construction = 12/15
The Ratio of Monsters to Spells/Traps is pretty big and can usually lead to either a dead Pendulum, where you draw nothing but Pends and SS them and have nothing else on field to protect them on next turn, or it can lead to a major brick with the deck being 41 which changes the chance of drawing the right cards or searches for a great strong play.

Side Deck Construction = 8/10
Full Side deck, however I did see the Skill Drain which would've helped in my favor if you used it due to Qli being high attack beaters when PS if Skill Drain is on field.
Also, with Skill Drain, it does back fire on you due to you having magicians and if you need to XyZ or Fusion Summon, it will mess you up on your effects.

Extra Deck Construction = 5/5
I just seen that new Xyz for Pend Magician and it is really great!

Creativity = 8/10
Even though this basically OEM. The new Magician Tech does give them a very great advantage and helps the deck out a lot. -2 on OEM Meta Engine though +8 On New Magician Tech and Spells/Traps

Use of Cards = 14/20
Testee used cards very well except in some places where I had total control and either negated his Spells with Magic Drain or Skill Drained and 1 Turned your monsters. And attacked directly with Qli Monsters with Skill Drain attack boost.

Mistakes = 10/10
No Mistakes were made except for when Testee admitted Missplay but easily got over it and made it to where their own Msplay worked in their favor. Good Job.

Knowledge of opponents deck = 8/10
Testee did question about if I had another Solemn set and I said I got it from Monos Draw Eff and he asked why I didn't set it.
Knowledge(Monolith is EP Eff and nothing can be set during EP without a different card effect that says otherwise)

Tester must give reasoning behind behind their chosen grade for each topic, Full Marks means perfect, not pretty decent.

Match Results: 85/100

Congratulations You Made It To: Obby Blue


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Re: Yugo Retest Results

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:25 am

Placed and Topic Locked.


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