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Introduction of Mini Lives

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Introduction of Mini Lives

Post by B@T on Mon Dec 19, 2016 3:26 pm

Jean-Louise Bonaparte Here,
I will be placing here the new system for mini lives. Now you must be wondering whats the difference between mini lives and lives?Well here is a short breakdown:
the will be only alot less time compared to normal lives and it can be started just by having at least 4 people on the chatbox. just say your hosting one and you got a mini live set up!

The mini live will be in the round robins system and must have at least 4 people  in order to start one.

This tour can be hosted by any part of the staff when the situation fits, we can have it anytime as many times as we want.

NOTE: A member can host the live on a challenge when other members want the tour and no staff available to host, when it's all done, that member should PM the brackets to a staff or just give it to him/her on the chatbox! The rest will be done by that staff.


1- Any member can join.
2- The live needs only 4 to start it.
3- No deck change.
4- If a player went inactive, he/she will be disqualified.
5- Latest TCG banlist, TCG/OCG cards allowed.
6- The tournament  options should be set as default.
7- The rounds will be using points system (highest points collector win)

YOU MUST USE THIS SITE: http://challonge.com/
An Admin,moderator, or dorm leader is only allow to host a mini live. if there are at least 4 people are on chatbox with no staff members, you are allow to host a mini live provided you provide details and post who won.
Default Template
Topic details:
Topic Title: GXDA Mini Live #

Bracket Link:
1st Place:
200 DPs | Name in Hall Of Fame

2nd Place:
100 DPs

Dp amount can be any amount that is approved by admin in the topic.
Hoster of mini live gets same amount equal to winner's amount and special thanks in Hall of Fame topic.
Post this information into the Tournament section with those above details in post.

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Re: Introduction of Mini Lives

Post by B@T on Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:18 pm

added default template and dp rule for someone who hosts a mini live.

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