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some suggestions

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some suggestions

Post by Peppercat on Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:33 pm

testing systems seem very weird with how you can never get a perfect score. people said that using meta puts creativity to 0 but to get 15 on deck build you need perfect meta so thats impossible to achieve. also creativity is not about skill otherwise you can add what color you like and your avatar as parts to be graded as well. and winning or losing kinda makes sense but also doesnt because of luck or matchup so that is punishing someone for something thats not their fault like drawing bad when the deck is consistent or getting a counter to your deck.

the rp is very empty there is no real plotline or story line there is just a setting and nothing more. people are told to make their own goals and everything but then you cant call it an rp then you should call it something like afree to use section where you can rp with no rules attached because there isnt a main story to stick with anyway.

dont know anything else now but if i find anything more ill post it here

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Re: some suggestions

Post by StressGx on Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:34 pm

You make a good point about creativity and I shall edit it now.
Winning and Losing must stay for obvious reasons.

FOX will hopefully be read your RP suggestion


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