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Society of Light Event

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Society of Light Event

Post by Lelouch Lamperouge on Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:39 pm

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the Newest GX Event - Society of Light. It will begin Monday 1/30

This event will be SO much different than the Shadow Riders tournament, yet still as close to the show as possible.

This Event is simple, if a member of the society of light beats you, then you become a member of the Society of Light! This includes every single member on the forum, Including me!
However, if you beat a member of the Society of Light, then he returns back to his GXDA Position.

So you might be going back and forth a lot!

For Society of Light to win, they must have 30 Members in the Society of Light, including Sartorius and Aster Phoenix.
For GXDA to win, Sartorius must be defeated.

Seems pretty unfair right? Well yes, but here's the thing.
You cannot challenge @Sartorius unless you have defeated 5 Society of Light Members, or there are no other Society of Light members left. However he can challenge you, should he see fit.

I hope that you try to win no matter who's team you are on to keep this event interesting.

A tally of your wins will be kept on your profile - If you lose to the Society of Light, your win count is halved (rounded up)

Please post if you are dueling for the event and the winner. or inform an admin.


  • If a Duelist DC's during the duel, they automatically lose that game, and must restart the match and surrender till they reach that point in the duel, to allow for siding. (The new duel must start within 1 minute of the last one ending) If the DC causes them to lose the match then so be it.
  • If one Duelist refuses to duel they get an automatic game loss, Unless the excuse is valid and believed by an admin, in which case they are excused.
  • TCG/OCG Format
  • 2/3 Match
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