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Academy Systems (Staff/Dorms/etc.)

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Academy Systems (Staff/Dorms/etc.)

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:23 pm

This is the run down of how the Staff team, and order of command works

Chancellor - 1st in Command (Owner)
Vice Chancellor - 2nd in Command (Vice-Owner)
Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm Leader | Ra Yellow Dorm Leader | Slifer Red Dorm Leader - 3rd in Command (Admins)
Moderators - 4th in Command (Moderators)

Vice Chancellor                               
is responsible for Obelisk Blue Boys

Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm Leader                                        
is responsible for Obelisk Blue Girls

Ra Yellow Dorm Leader                                           
is responsible for Ra Yellow

Slifer Red Dorm Leader                               
is responsible for Slifer Red

Are responsible for keeping the chat and forum toxic free (see rules) and must also be able to perform the same duties as a tester if no other tester are present.

Are responsible for getting in touch with new members and performing dorm tests upon request. Need to be familiar with the current meta and able to be objective when grading.

Rest of the Groups:

Affiliates - People who come from/represent another Academy
Pro-Duelist - The best of the best, this isn't considered a dorm. but it is the highest rank one could hope to achieve at this academy.

The rest you enter from your Entrance Exam(Test):

Obelisk Blue (Boys/Girls) - The top dorm of the academy, very few duelists manage to make it here and those who do are extremely talented.
Ra Yellow                      - For duelists who show great potential, and are often just lacking the experience or a few tricks of the trade.
Slifer Red                      - Often new/young duelists who have a great desire to learn and inspire to be the best, but know they have a long way to go

It is very hard to get into the top dorm in your very first test, In fact it's the norm to make Slifer, but if you are in the top % of duelists you may make Ra straight away and if you make it into Ra the chances are you are going to become an Obelisk very soon if you keep on working! So don't feel two disheartened.

When you Retest you will be given slightly easier boundaries to make it into the next dorm, but be careful it is possible to go down a dorm if you underperform!

There is an alternate way to change dorms and it's all to do with the Dorm Leaders, they will be able to do the following changes:

  • Obelisk Blue Dorm Leader - Promote Duelists from a Slifer Red or Ra Yellow dorm to the Obelisk Blue dorm.
  • Obelisk Blue Dorm Leader - Demote Duelists from the Obelisk Blue dorm to the Ra Yellow Dorm
  • Ra Yellow Dorm Leader - Promote Duelists from a lower dorm to the Ra Yellow dorm.
  • Ra Yellow Dorm Leader - Demote Duelists from the Ra Yellow dorm to the Slifer Red Dorm

All Promotions and Demotions must be signed off by the Chancellor to avoid people being moved up and down like crazy. So Dorm Leaders must put forward a valid reason before requesting

Whenever a Duelist is Demoted they will receive a free retest to prove that they are worthy of their dorm.

The shop has been split into 3 sections. meaning the higher the dorm you are in, the cheaper things cost. To get that added incentive.

In your entrance exam you will be graded to 1 of 3 dorms. You are No Longer allowed to enter a lower dorm then the dorm that you enter. You must stay in your dorm unless you are promoted or demoted for one reason or another.

Users will still be able to Auto Slifer when they register but if a higher Dorm Leader finds them suitable for their dorm instead then they will be promoted.

All GX Characters will be excused from this.


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Re: Academy Systems (Staff/Dorms/etc.)

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:25 pm



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