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Worlds Collide, Jaden Yuki Vs Erebus (Results)

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Worlds Collide, Jaden Yuki Vs Erebus (Results)

Post by Zane Truesdale. on Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:59 pm

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE DUEL IS OVER! After a hard back and fourth duel between 2 greats of GXDA we have our winner. Our winner is none other then : Jaden Yuki. Both duelists really did push themselves as far as they could and although Erebus was a very tricky opponent he sadly could not best Jaden in this exchange.

Let's go to the post duel interview to see what our winner has to say!

Duel Arena Reporter : Jaden, after a hard fought duel against one of the best Obelisk's in GXDA, tell us what it was to experience his innovative deck choice and what was your plan walking into this duel?

Jaden Yuki : Yeah, first and foremost Erebus is a tough opponent but he cant operate at my level, the game plan I had walking in was to just stay calm and not over think plays, as a duelist you have to adapt to situations so his Zodiac/Metalfoes deck was quiet a surprise, now that I've beaten him im at a whole new level.

Duel Arena Reporter : Humble as ever Jaden, It would appear he had you in trouble in game 1, setting up his Zodiac summons along with his pendulum mechanic which did show promise early into the duel, what was going through your head when witnessing this?  

Jaden Yuki : Excitement. Joy. Fulfilment. Anxiously anticipating my next draw on my path to victory. Although he did have me struggling a bit early on, thats then. I managed to control him and swiftly deal with him in game 1.

Duel Arena Reporter : That's great, and finally what now do you hope to achieve now that you've finished Erebus? Also is their anything you would like to point out about Erebus or even say to him now during this interview

Jaden Yuki : Recognition as one of the academy's top duelist and also erebus is a great duelist but he's no match for an ass kicker like me. He'll come back stronger than before and I will be waiting for that Erebus to show up, if their is anything I can tell him, it's that his deck idea was weird but I'm glad he could have confidence in using it. Also this is a bit off topic, it's not like me to be like this but IM COMING AFTER THAT GXDA BELT! I'M THE KING I JUST FINISHED AN OBELISK SWIFTLY WHERE IS MY RECOGNITION FOR IT?! I'm coming after every pro-circuit duelist, then I'm stealing that belt and making it mine! GET YOUR GAME ON!....Thank you.

A very heated Jaden with a powerful call out to not just the pro-circuit duelists, but the entire competitive side of the academy, Stay tuned for our main event of the evening as Lelouch Lamperouge takes on DeadKiller8 in an historic all out war.
Zane Truesdale.

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Re: Worlds Collide, Jaden Yuki Vs Erebus (Results)

Post by DeadKiller8 on Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:18 pm

hehe u got it kiddo

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Re: Worlds Collide, Jaden Yuki Vs Erebus (Results)

Post by Erebus on Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:42 pm

Gg u deserved it more than me bro.

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Re: Worlds Collide, Jaden Yuki Vs Erebus (Results)

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